La Confederación de Los Verdes ya no pertenece al Partido Verde Europeo


Los Verdes loses membership in EGP

The Council of the EGP has ended the Spanish green party, Confederacion de los Verdes’, membership of the European Green Party. The executive Committee of the EGP, following an official complaint on the failure of internal democracy in the Confederacion de los Verdes, has been working for two years on an attempted process of reconciliation, but this process was judged to be unsuccessful, and the proposal of the committee was submitted to the vote of delegates at the Copenhagen Spring Council. Among other concerns, the EGP is of the opinion that the Confederacion de los Verdes does not meet the requirements in terms of internal democracy, that the federation is an empty structure and that it failed in its primary aim: unifying Spanish greens across the country into one national Green voice. Last year, 13 of the 16 parties that were previously part of the Confederacion sent the complaint to the EGP and subsequently, these same groups left the Confederacion and joined the new Spanish Green alliance, EQUO, which brings together 35 green parties as well as independent citizens, working together to build the new national Spanish green party. It is the belief of the EGP Committee that Equo is the best hope for a unified Green voice that respects Spain’s unique cultural makeup.
«Today’s decision is a step forward towards clarifying and consolidating the Spanish green political project, an independent and national Green option for Spanish voters is very much needed in these times of global crisis. It is important for Spain, and other European countries, to have a competent and credible voice to champion ecological proposals aimed at creating quality jobs and more sustainable economic activities”, said Monica Frassoni and Philippe Lamberts, co-chairs of the EGP. The decision, which needed a ¾ majority of the 110 delegates from across 37 EGP (European Green Party) member parties, was adopted with over 90% votes.

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