13 diputad@s verdes en Nueva Zelanda

In last Saturday’s general election, the New Zealand Greens received 10.6% of the vote, meaning they can look forward to having at least 13 Green MPs in Parliament. There is also a possibility that they could have one more Green MP joining, depending on the outcome of a special vote.

This election result means more voices in the new Parliament calling for stronger environmental protection, a fairer society and a clean green economy that works for everyone.

10.6% is the highest proportion of the vote that Greens in New Zealand have received since the first Green MPs entered Parliament in 1996. The Greens are the third political force in the country Down Under.

The elections were won by the conservative National Party, who almost got an overall majority. The social democrats of Labour saw their vote drop significantly and lost 9 seats.

Over the next three years the Greens will continue their hard work as a strong voice in the New Zealand Parliament for the environment and for a sustainable future.

(fuente EGP, European Green Party)

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